In "LED COMPUTERS" you get the qualitative electronics with a warranty at the lowest prices. Besides it you can get the certificate for "Additional year of a warranty" which will provide additional year of free service, and also give privileges at the further updating of the bought devices.  Ask for details in our stores.

All guarantee and post guarantee services will be made at "LED COMPUTERS" own service-center, also when necessary it will be made by another qualified services-centers in full conformity with requirements and the terms determined in the Warranty card.

All malfunctions which have arisen during warranty period not through your fault, will be eliminated free of charge. In case if goods repair can't be carried out in the terms specified in the Warranty card, you receive a new product of the same model. If the given model of the product isn't available any more or isn't on sale in stores of "LED COMPUTERS", the products will be exchanged for another model with similar specifications.

Pay attention!

1. Attentively learn the user manual before switching on the device. At non-observance of service conditions the right to guarantee repair will lose.

2. The serial number and purchase date should be accurately registered in the Warranty card. Warranty seals on the product shouldn't be damaged.

3. Guarantee certificates don't extend on a numbers of elements and materials (batteries, cartridges, etc.), as well as on either repair or replacement of parts which naturally worn out during the using.

4. The guarantee doesn't provide periodic preventive maintenance of techniques and cleaning of internal parts.

5. The guarantee can be refused, if earlier installation or product repair were made by the persons who are not authorized by "LED COMPUTERS".

6. The delivery of the goods to the service center or the seller and back should be carried out by the buyer at own expense.


For the goods service, address by phone +374 10 502802 (6). Also you can send mail to the: service@led.am or use online chat at www.led.am.



Thank you for choosing "LED COMPUTERS" !