How to buy




The site «» offers several ways of searching and choosing a product. If you already know which model you want to buy - enter the name into the search box. If the specific model isn’t still chosen, look through our catalogue, the product comparison service and choice of parameters. In addition, to choose goods you can be helped by experienced consultants, so please call and ask questions by the telephones above daily, except Sunday, from 10.30 to 19.30.



In the upper part of the site the search service is located. You can enter the name of the desired model in this space, or use the advanced search functionality. With the help of that you can search for products on store product category, group, manufacturer and price. At your request the site will give all the models from the range of «LED COMPUTERS», relevant search terms.


Selecting a product in the catalogue

E-Shop «LED COMPUTERS» is clearly structured: product categories are divided into sections with subdivisions of smaller groups of products. This structure allows you to quickly and easily find the product group that interests you. All items in the «LED COMPUTERS» catalogue can also sorted by the price, which is convenient if you choose a product in a definite price range.


Search by technical specifications

You can also choose the desired item based on its requirements for its technical specifications, pointing out the options. As a result the products to meet your requirements will be sorted.


Comparing the Products

If you have opted for a few models, but do not know yet which one to choose, use the product comparison service. First, select the checkbox items you want to compare and click "COMPARE". Click the link "COMPARE» and you’ll get the table that clearly shows the differences between these models. Choose a more appropriate model for you.



Having selected the goods you like, click "BUY" and goods will be sent automatically to your shopping basket. Then you can proceed with selection of products at the online store, adding to the shopping basket as many goods as you need. When you have finished choosing the products, proceed to ordering.


How to deal with the basket ?

1. Check the content of the bag, you can change the number of items of the goods in the bag or delete individual items. If everything is correct, click "Order".
2. In the second step of ordering you will need to enter your login and password if you are a registered user, or fill in information about yourself (name, contact info, shipping address), if you have not been registered on the site.
3. When ordering, enter the number of your discount card in the special space to get discounts and bonuses on the account of this card.
4. Then you can go to the next step of ordering, when you will need to specify the method of payment, choose the delivery method and designate the day and time of delivery convenient to you.
5. Then you will just have to check your entries and click "Order".



In the online store «LED COMPUTERS» you can pay for your shopping in cash or by bank transfer payment method, also by plastic cards online (directly on the site). Also you can buy on CREDIT.


Cash on delivery payment to the courier

In order to pay cash to the courier when ordering, specify the method of payment "CASH". The courier will deliver all the necessary financial documents to you along with your order. Payment is accepted in AMD, in strict accordance with the price specified in the cash receipt.


Credit payment

To pay on credit you must specify "CREDIT" when choosing a way of payment To obtain the credit it is necessary to visit any of our stores having the following documents: passport, Social Security Card, certificate of employment. You have to choose an organization of credit among the following organizations: "Inecobank", "Armeconombank", "SEF". Only after successful processing of the loan you can collect the goods at the store or arrange for delivery.


Online Payment

For online payment by credit card when ordering, specify the payment method «Online payment by credit card". Payment is made directly with the order. During the fourth step of registration you will be asked to verify and confirm your entered personal information, shipping address and selected items by clicking the "Order". After that the page to enter your card details will be opened. Next, you will only have to enter details, check them and click on "Order".

We accept card payment systems VISA and MasterCard.

Upon delivery of the goods it is only necessary to show the card which was used to pay your order. The presence of the card holder is optional.

In case of cancellation of some positions from your order (or cancellations as a whole), a refund will be paid within fourteen days. For a refund you must send a written notice by e-mail: Refund is made only to the customer's card.


Bank transfer

To pay by bank transfer when ordering, specify the method of payment "Bank transfer". Payment by bank transfer may be made both natural and legal persons. Shipping is possible after only after receipt of money in the account. To accelerate the process of receiving your order, please, just after the money transfer please let us know the date of the transfer and the number of your order at

Individuals can apply for a bank transfer through any bank of RA. Before completing this notice you have to contact our operator to confirm your order at the online store.

To pay for the goods by bank transfer the invoice will be sent to a company after ordering. You have to enter all the necessary organization details including full name when ordering.





Goods from the online store «LED COMPUTERS» are delivered around all regions Armenia. You can see the detailed cost of delivery in the "DELIVERY" section. Upon receipt of the goods you need to look at its appearance, and check the equipment and then sign the documents. Together with the order you will receive a set of documents for private individuals - the receipt and the warranty card, for legal organizations - the invoice and the warranty card. 



Acceptance of the delivered goods

If the recipient of the order is an organization, to obtain the goods it is necessary to act by warrant from the paying organization. 

Attention! The couriers delivering purchased goods are not authorized to perform functional tests of the equipment, to provide expert opinions, or perform any other actions on behalf of «LED COMPUTERS».

Remember! Any damage to the packaging can result in damage to the goods or shortage!


You will receive a set of documents with the order:

- For individuals – a receipt.
 -For organizations - an invoice.
 -A warranty card. The warranty card you receive contains the following information: warranty period, the cases which are not under warranty service, the address, and the telephone number of the service center.


Attention ! In case of warranty repair, exchange or refund the cost for delivering the goods to the service center is covered by the customer.


All the personal customer's information is confidential !


Thank you for choosing "LED COMPUTERS" !