How to order



You can order any goods labeled "ORDER" on following conditions:

1. By cash payment it's necessary to make prepayment in any branch.

Ordered goods total value


up to 20.000 dram


20.000 dram - 50.000 dram


50.000 dram - 100.000 dram


100.000 dram and more 30%


2. When buying on credit it's necessary to visit any branch and apply for loan.

Your order will be confirmed only after getting loan approval from bank.


3. By bank-trasfer payment you can ask for pre-invoice by phone 010/011 502-802.

Your order will be confirmed only after we'll get bank-transfer payment copy.


IMPORTANT: When refusing ordered goods for any reason, prepayment will not be refunded.

When making order please pay attention to mentioned delivery time (1-30 working days),

specific time is mentioned in good's description.


Thank you for choosing "LED COMPUTERS" !